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Experiential Marketing

From concept, storyboard to full execution, we work hand in hand with our clients to deliver memorable experiences for consumers.

At every point throughout the marketing journey, consumers need to be engaged and impressed. We provide the theme, concept, and technology to deliver experiences that consumers will remember.

Events Technology

We use the latest futuristic technology and concepts to create engaging experiences for consumers.

- Holograms
- Projection Mapping
- Interactive Apps
- Kinect Technology

We do this and much more.

XR Training

We design and develop with the latest XR Technology, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

With the evolving technology solutions available for training, our approach consists of working with our clients to ensure cost saving training solutions that improve retention and efficiency.

Future Technologies

Future Technologies entails Holograms, Projection Mapping, and Gesture-based games and applications. Future Technologies are used in all industries, for different business operations.

Holograms, touchscreen applications, and customized games are used in events and marketing to increase audience engagement and brand understanding and retention.

Virtuality Tech provides the latest technologies for events, exhibitions, marketing activations and much more.

Working with creative and digital agencies, as well as directly with clients, allows us to deliver on all aspects of experiential marketing and XR training.

We pride ourself on our unique creative approach – combining one of a kind customer experiences with the latest futuristic technology out there.

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