What happened in 2018



Well, it is that time of the year. Soon we will all be establishing New Year’s resolutions, and 2019 will kick off.

In this post, we would like to take some time to look over 2018 for the incredible year it has been for Virtuality.

We started by creating virtual tours of property listings for real estate companies in Dubai. As we explored the possibilities of AR and VR we were able to launch in February of this year as AR and VR specialists.

Since then we have had the pleasure of working with some incredible clients on different AR and VR projects. We created virtual tours for TRA at Gitex 2018, Palazzo Versace Hotel, and American School of Dubai.

We implemented VR solutions at events and exhibitions, as well as for restaurants and a food truck supplier!

360 photography and videography are becoming popular options for events and marketing. Businesses are using 360 tours to showcase their office spaces; we created one for Scissors Tailoring Studio at Kempinski Hotel and Residences on Palm Jumeirah.

We also used our virtual tour of Marina Gate to incorporate 3D design.

The most exciting part of the year for me has been the launch of Virtuality Studios! We have a YouTube channel dedicated to tutorials, discussions with industry professionals and experts, as well as behind-the-scenes of what we got up to “this week at Virtuality.”

2018 was a great first year for us! We are excited for what the new year has for us, and we look forward to sharing it all with you!

What Virtual Reality Games to play this Christmas



It’s Christmas time! Here are a few festive VR experiences for you to enjoy this season.

  1. Santa’s Christmas Chimney, Samsung Gear

Santa's Christmas Chimney - Oculus VR game

While falling down a chimney as Santa, the objective is to fall for as long as possible while collecting Christmas presents and dodging obstacles. The concept can be compared to Subway Surfer. It has the finishing touches of a Christmas themed game; Santa’s jolly voice and festive music!

Developer: Field of Vision

Platform: Oculus Store/Samsung Gear


  1. Merry Snowballs, HTC Vive

Merry Snowballs - HTC Vive VR game

In the mood for a snowball fight? The fact that we are in the UAE does not stop us! In this VR game you can throw and dodge snowballs with neighbours. Shielded by only a fence and snowman, you can also catch the snowballs and use a snow gun! Each level adds another challenge as well as different perks. Experience the activities of a “White Christmas” from here in the desert.

Developer: Hatrabbit Entertainment

Platform: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift


  1. Quizality, HTC Vive

Quizality - HTC Vive VR game

This game is for those who love trivia! While sitting in Santa’s sleigh, you get to travel through a festive world with different multiple-choice questions. They get more difficult as you get further down the track. This game is not only for the Christmas season as there are many themes for different times of the year, with the different topics and questions. This December, see how well you know your Christmas movies and music!

Developer: UV Games Ltd

Platform: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift


  1. Christmas Massacre, HTC Vive

Christmas Massacre - HTC Vive VR game

This game is for those of you who prefer scary zombies to friendly elves. Immersed in a snow-covered forest, fight off waves of zombie snowmen. For every snowman you shoot, you earn money which you can use to buy upgraded guns. With each wave comes more snowmen from every direction; how many levels do you think you can survive?

Developer: AndAll Interactive

Platform: HTC Vive


  1. Santa’s Sleigh Ride VR, Oculus Rift

Santa's Sleigh Ride - Oculus Rift VR game

For those of you who enjoy roller coaster simulations, this is the perfect game for you! Sit in Santa’s sleigh and be taken by his reindeers on a ride through various parts of a town and the surrounding snow-covered plains. See what it feels like to be Santa on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents all over the world!

Developer: Lemon&Orange, Coca Cola

Platform: Oculus Rift


Let us know which VR experiences you try out this Christmas season!


How to book a Hotel Room this Christmas Season



It is that time of the year where many people go on holiday to celebrate Christmas with their families. If not for Christmas celebrations, it is the busiest time of the year at many tourist destinations because of year end breaks.

The global Hospitality Industry experiences its busiest season during this time. It is important to gain an edge over competitor hotel brands, especially online, as that is where most visitors will be searching for their place to stay over the holidays.

Hotels are making use of virtual tours of their rooms for customers to have a better look at where they will be staying. Special features can be tagged, with promotional videos and photographs embedded into the tour as well.

We created a VR tour for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. You can walk through their Signature Suite, have a look at the food and entertainment offers within the hotel, and make bookings. Two versions of the tour are available below.



Where will you be staying this festive season?

How AR can be used in Shipping and Logistics



DHL compiled an in-depth analysis on different use cases for Augmented Reality in the Shipping Industry, but nothing was ever implemented. After review, it is found that the below mentioned applications/concepts can be designed and implemented on Microsoft HoloLens, or on a tablet.

1: Augmented Reality – Shipment Tracking
Customers can keep track of their delivery using an AR app. Using interactive 3D images as well as animated 3D info-graphics, you can provide your customer with the means to
better understand the delivery process.

2: Augmented Reality – Pick-by-Vision, A Paperless Solution
Using a HoloLens, or a tablet, scan the barcode on any delivery package to have access to AR-displayed information as to what it is inside. This can be used in warehouse operations, as well as throughout the process of delivery. This solution removes the need for paper.

3: Augmented Reality – Loading the Container
Scan the packages that need to be loaded into the container and let the AR Engine guide you to packing it in the most efficient and space-effective way. This helps save time as the optimized packing solution is shown to you within minutes of scanning all items.

4: Augmented Reality – Delivery Check
The customer scans the delivered package barcode once the shipment is delivered. This confirms the delivery has been received by the customer. An animation will be displayed.

65: Augmented Reality – Quality Control
AR will analyse if the box is damaged in any way and will red flag it. This indicates that the box needs to undergo further inspection for damages to be assessed.


To have a further look at DHL’s analysis of AR in the shipping industry, find their PDF here.

Why we need to introduce AR and VR to University Students



Last month we had the pleasure of visiting Murdoch University Dubai. We spoke to their Public Relations students about different AR and VR business solutions, and how they can be implemented in the world of digital marketing.

Below is a summary of what we got to share with them:

  1. What is AR and VR? – We explained the difference between these two types of Extended Reality technologies.

Simply put, Augmented Reality is the construction of virtual objects which are then displayed as part of a real environment. A mobile device with a lens and a screen is required to make use of AR applications.

Virtual Reality is the immersion of a person’s physical senses into a digitally simulated world. Apart from movement and orientation, it takes none of the physical reality into account. There is a range of hardware needed for different types of VR experiences depending on the level of immersion.

  1. PerPETuate – We have had some intriguing requests, with this being one of our favourites. To some people pets are considered family members and the loss is felt the same.

 PerPETuate is our AR application that allows you to interact with a 3D simulation of your pet. The cat or dog can respond to physical touch, chasing a laser, or playing ball.

This concept is useful to businesses who can use the same technology for advertising products; allowing customers to interact with items before making a purchase.

  1. VR Anatomy Tour – We are currently working on content for an application that will allow students to explore the inside of the human body. This will help them obtain a greater understanding for the different body systems and how they work in relation to each other.

The application is styled to appeal to Year 4 and Year 5 school students. It is educational with a fun and interactive quality that only VR technology can bring. This is one way VR is useful in the education industry.

One of the reasons we find university discussions like this so important is that these students are future business leaders and innovators. With the rise in use of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in different business operations, it is important to know what they are and how they can be used.

Why are 360 Photos and Videos becoming popular for Marketing



It seems that consumers of content are used to the standard photographs and videos that are posted to their feeds on a minutely basis.

The “Wow” factor that entices people to a brand is limited to the skill of videographers and photographers, but audiences have become much too accustomed to the perspectives offered to them.

This is why 360 videos, also known as immersive videos, will become a popular means of communication from a brand to their audience.

An omnidirectional camera is used to capture every angle, providing a holistic perspective on an environment to the viewer.

This footage, once exported and uploaded, can be maneuvered by the audience to look wherever they want to in the scene. This makes it an interactive option that invites viewers to spend more time engaging with the content.

The world of marketing, within every industry, is going to change drastically as immersive means of advertising is made more accessible.

Here are examples of how 360 photo and video is being used in hospitality, restaurants, and real estate.

How can VR be used in Executive Coaching



We have discovered that there are so many ways that Virtual Reality can be used in every industry.

One of the industries that benefits from VR technology is Executive Coaching. Executive Coaching entails a personal partnership between a coach and a member of the corporate world, and together they set specific goals and work through achieving them for the success of the executive.

We had the pleasure of speaking with certified Executive Coach, Dennis Kight, about how VR technology can be used to help his clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Below is a summary of our conversation:

  1. What is the role of an executive coach and how can VR assist with this role?

An executive coach is someone who partners up with an executive, or anyone in the corporate world, looking to overcome certain obstacles and necessary skills in order to achieve specific business successes.

VR can contribute to the coaching process by providing simulations of different experiences. For example, if a coach’s client is afraid of public speaking, a VR public speaking application immerses them into a life-like public event. The digital crowd acts as an audience, and the speaker will receive feedback on their volume, pace, eye contact, and overall delivery of their speech or presentation.


  1. What are the advantages of VR technology being used in the coaching process?

In order for coaching clients to grow towards their goals, they need to experience real situations and figure out ways to deal with them. The environment in which this happens needs to allow for mistakes and feedback.

Virtual Reality technology provides real experience within a safe environment. Using the public speaking example, it allows the client to practice speaking in front of an audience who are not making any judgements. The application gives feedback, and the coach is able to do so as well. This is a more cost-effective, affordable, and less time-consuming method of practice than putting the client in front of an actual crowd before their official speaking event.


  1. What other innovations are being applied to executive coaching?

Executive Coaching is a personal process between the coach and client. Technology is often misunderstood as removing the personal interaction. Dennis shared with us that he has built his business around the technology available to him as it helps him stay connected to his clients.

Through video conference applications, while he travels, he is able to hold sessions with his clients. Through such innovations, even though he is based in Dubai, he is able to speak with his clients in Australia and Europe, and continue his client sessions whenever he travels no matter where he goes.


For more of what we discussed, watch our YouTube video of Dennis Kight’s visit to Virtuality Studios.

How to make UAE National Day memorable


Today is the United Arab Emirates’ 47th National Day!

This day marks the joining of Ras Al Khaimah as the seventh and final Emirate of the UAE, which took place on the 2nd of December, in 1972.

This National Day finds itself at the end of the Year of Zayed; the 100th year since the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is considered the Founding Father of the UAE.

Over the past nearly fifty years, the UAE has seen growth in all areas, especially in the integration of new technology. It is our pleasure being a part of the growth of virtual and augmented reality implementation in the region.

To celebrate this year’s National Day, in the Year of Zayed, we have created a Snapchat filter for you! Take your next selfie with our UAE National Day filter and send it through to us to be featured on our social media.


UAE National Day Snapchat Filter

Alternatively, you can directly access the filter on your phone by clicking here.


You can find our selfies below!