An Introduction to Augmented Reality


We have shared – and will continue to do so – a lot of information on Virtual Reality. In this article, though, we are going to have some fun with Augmented Reality.

AR, like VR, has many benefits and so is used in many industries. It brings other worlds into our own, and allows us to visualise our current space as it would be with added elements.

Augmented Reality is easy to use on different devices, and is a lot more portable than VR technology as it does not require additional gear.

Pokemon Go and IKEA Place are two great examples of applications with successful implementation of AR technology; one with great entertainment value, while the other brings value to retailers and consumers.

It has been recorded from surveys that 70% of consumers find using AR technology beneficial to their daily lives. 69% reported that it was easier to learn different skills that they need for the workplace. 62% found that AR technology added positively to shopping and medical experiences.

Similarly to VR technology, AR can be used in training and education, the food and beverage industry and hospitality, retail, gaming, and marketing.

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