AR & VR Definitions – PART 2: Virtual Reality



In our last post we shared AR related vocabulary, and in this post, we will do the same for VR.

1 – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the construction of a digital world that can be experienced through different hardware. It manipulates the senses to convince the brain that the surrounding reality is the digital world and so the body reacts accordingly.

2 – Immersion

Immersion is when a physical person is put into a digital simulation of an alternate environment. This works by feeding the body’s senses information that makes the brain believe that the body is in a certain environment.

3 – Interaction

Interaction is the level at which the digital object can respond to the actions of the user toward it. This could be as basic as the object being able to change size, to having a character sit alongside you.

4 – Bounding Box

The area visible within the VR headset that indicates where the VR experience is taking place in the physical world. The area must be free of obstacles, and leaving the bounding box will take the user out of range of the sensors that enable tracking for the VR experience.

5 – Head-mount Display (HMD)

An HMD is a form of VR hardware that displays the necessary audio and visual content of VR experiences. It is worn on the head so that it can reach the eyes and ears, and also render the hands free for using controllers.

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