Locomotion and Motion in Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality is all about immersion, and the success of a virtual experience lies in how convinced a person is that they are no longer a part of physical reality.

This is why many virtual reality experiences incorporate locomotive and motion sensor hardware to make experiences more realistic and synchronized. Below are a few types of locomotive and motion detecting hardware options that are being used to enhance virtual reality experiences.

Hand-held controllers

Movement through hand-held controllers is enabled by clicking on different points within the experience to teleport there. This type of movement is guided by a faded transition.

Movement and locomotion in Virtual Reality VR



These are sensors that go on your hands and feet. The hardware translates the movements you make into the game. These trackers can also be in the form of gloves, and can also be attached to certain objects.

Locomotive hardware for Virtual Reality


Movement in Virtual Reality experiences

VR treadmill

A virtual reality treadmill operates exactly as a fitness treadmill. It allows you to explore the virtual world in which you are immersed by walking through it. It is limited to only forward and backwards steps, but is not limited by pace. The speed at which you choose to walk or run is translated into the virtual experience.

Movement in Virtual Reality


Omni-directional treadmill

This hardware functions as the VR treadmill, but is not limited by direction. It is a circular piece of equipment, with barriers for the user’s balance and also to prevent walking too quickly and off of the treadmill. This allows users to explore the virtual space in any direction and at any pace they choose.

Nike Fit – Augmented Reality Measuring Tools

One of the most common problems with shopping online for clothing and shoes is not being sure of the size of the item. If you are anything like me, you have returned online purchases once or twice because the size you ordered does not actually fit.

After finding that 60% of people wear the wrong shoe size, Nike has announced that they will be using an innovative Augmented Reality measuring tool in their mobile application called ‘Nike Fit’ to solve this problem.

All the user has to do is stand against a wall, and hold their device over their sock-covered feet. Using Augmented Reality measuring tools, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithms, the Nike Fit app will scan your feet and let you know what shoes size you are.

This process takes up to a minute to complete.

Augmented Reality measurement tools are becoming more popular, and can be used on smart phone devices to measure things like furniture and room dimensions.

Interesting Facts about Holograms, Holography, and Holographs


Here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about Holograms:

  • The concept of holograms was invented in 1947 by a Hungarian engineer and physicist, Dennis Gabor. He received the Nobel Prize in 1971 for this invention.
  • The word “hologram” comes from the combination of two Greek words. “Holo” which means whole, and “gamma” which means message. A hologram essential refers to the display of the full message.
  • In 2015, the first highly interactive hologram was invented in Japan. It can respond to human touch. These touchable holograms are called “Fairy Lights.”
  • Holograms were enabled through the development of the laser. It is the only light that reacts as necessary to host the 3D projection.
  • Holograms can be faked. The ghost figures of Tupac and Michael Jackson that you have probably seen appear on stages to surprise many audiences are not actual holograms, but projections are hidden screens.


Abu Dhabi Ports Virtual Tour for UAE Innovation Month



The beginning of February marked the start of the UAE’s Innovation Month. Throughout this month, there will be exhibitions all over the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, showcasing the latest in technology and innovations.

Virtuality is proud to have been a part of Abu Dhabi Innovations Week 2019, alongside Abu Dhabi Ports.

We created a Virtual Tour of the passenger terminal at Khalifa Port.

Abu Dhabi Ports Innovation

Khalifa Port is the first permanent cruise infrastructure that put Abu Dhabi on the International Cruise map. It spans over 7800 Square Meters, is able to host up to three vessels at a time, and includes Duty Free stores.

You can have a look at the immaculate facilities through the Virtual Reality tour that we put together for them here.


How to make UAE National Day memorable


Today is the United Arab Emirates’ 47th National Day!

This day marks the joining of Ras Al Khaimah as the seventh and final Emirate of the UAE, which took place on the 2nd of December, in 1972.

This National Day finds itself at the end of the Year of Zayed; the 100th year since the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is considered the Founding Father of the UAE.

Over the past nearly fifty years, the UAE has seen growth in all areas, especially in the integration of new technology. It is our pleasure being a part of the growth of virtual and augmented reality implementation in the region.

To celebrate this year’s National Day, in the Year of Zayed, we have created a Snapchat filter for you! Take your next selfie with our UAE National Day filter and send it through to us to be featured on our social media.


UAE National Day Snapchat Filter

Alternatively, you can directly access the filter on your phone by clicking here.


You can find our selfies below!


Film Review: Venom; a good VR concept? (SPOILER ALERT)


I must be honest, I was not particularly looking forward to the release of Marvel’s latest production; Venom. I did not think anything of it until I was invited to watch it.

One look at the trailer and I felt like I would spend the majority of the film with my eyes closed (I am the most sensitive movie viewer on earth).

I was proven wrong. I enjoyed so much about the film, and will share my experience in the form of spoilers. So if you have not seen the film, now is the time I ruin it for you.

1. Characters
Venom is amazing! A Symbiote who uses Eddie Brock as his host goes from wanting to kill people, to helping save them from his kind. In hindsight, I do not remember being able to see this transition within the character. One moment he was all, “I will kill you if you do not co-operate,” and then all of a sudden, “Let’s stop that spaceship to save mankind!” However, the change shed my shame for liking him.

Of course, we all walked into the film expecting a hardcore super villain, but I did not leave the film with that perspective. I left with a soft spot for Venom. (I also could not stop imaging him as a Tekken character; I feel like he could put up some pretty cool juggling combos).

2. Conversation
The dialogue of the overall film was not impressive in any way. I felt that there was chemistry missing between Annie and Eddie – I thought she was his PA at first, and only realized they were engaged when she broke up with him.

I thoroughly enjoyed, though, the interaction between Venom and Eddie. It was comedic. The best part of their interaction is the first moment Venom speaks after inhabiting Eddie Brock’s body. Venom calls out Eddie’s name which is followed by a high pitch scream and Brock falling over into the bathtub. I got a fright when Venom spoke, but Eddie’s reaction had me laughing immediately.

3. VR
Now this may just be me, but whenever I watch movies I imagine different scenes as levels in a game. I think Venom could make an exciting VR game. From walking through Life Foundation’s laboratories and encountering Symbiote-possessed people, to high speed motorbike and car chases with bullets flying and drones exploding. Even fighting Carlton Drake and his men as Venom! I would definitely immerse myself into that game.

Before I started writing this I could not understand why it is only rated a 4 by IGN, but I have had to admit the film’s flaws. None of the flaws took away from the entertainment value of the film for me, though. I laughed a lot and did not flinch nearly as much as I thought I would.

What did you think of it?