Have you met Andy?



At the end of last month, in celebration of launching our studio, we released our Snapchat filter.

Meet our chameleon mascot, Andy. Andy is a Malagasy name, so it is pronounced “Anj.”

Why is Andy our mascot?
1. Chameleons are prevalent in Madagascar, with around 44% of the world’s chameleon species found there. Our founders, Ayaz and Rishad, are from Madagascar as well.

2. Chameleons change colour to communicate or regulate their body temperature – their ability to adapt in different surroundings is a trait Virtuality carries out in Dubai. We adapt to our client’s needs, and to the market climate in Dubai.

3. Chameleons have the capacity to rotate their eyeballs 90 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally, and they can move their eyes in opposite directions at the same time – Virtuality’s passion pertains to vision. This kind of vision refers to our work in the fields of AR, VR, and 360 degree visual content.


If you have not yet scanned the code and sent us your selfie with our Snapchat filter, please do so! This is possible through all our social media platforms.

You can also activate the filter directly on your phone by clicking here.

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