How can VR be used in Executive Coaching



We have discovered that there are so many ways that Virtual Reality can be used in every industry.

One of the industries that benefits from VR technology is Executive Coaching. Executive Coaching entails a personal partnership between a coach and a member of the corporate world, and together they set specific goals and work through achieving them for the success of the executive.

We had the pleasure of speaking with certified Executive Coach, Dennis Kight, about how VR technology can be used to help his clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Below is a summary of our conversation:

  1. What is the role of an executive coach and how can VR assist with this role?

An executive coach is someone who partners up with an executive, or anyone in the corporate world, looking to overcome certain obstacles and necessary skills in order to achieve specific business successes.

VR can contribute to the coaching process by providing simulations of different experiences. For example, if a coach’s client is afraid of public speaking, a VR public speaking application immerses them into a life-like public event. The digital crowd acts as an audience, and the speaker will receive feedback on their volume, pace, eye contact, and overall delivery of their speech or presentation.


  1. What are the advantages of VR technology being used in the coaching process?

In order for coaching clients to grow towards their goals, they need to experience real situations and figure out ways to deal with them. The environment in which this happens needs to allow for mistakes and feedback.

Virtual Reality technology provides real experience within a safe environment. Using the public speaking example, it allows the client to practice speaking in front of an audience who are not making any judgements. The application gives feedback, and the coach is able to do so as well. This is a more cost-effective, affordable, and less time-consuming method of practice than putting the client in front of an actual crowd before their official speaking event.


  1. What other innovations are being applied to executive coaching?

Executive Coaching is a personal process between the coach and client. Technology is often misunderstood as removing the personal interaction. Dennis shared with us that he has built his business around the technology available to him as it helps him stay connected to his clients.

Through video conference applications, while he travels, he is able to hold sessions with his clients. Through such innovations, even though he is based in Dubai, he is able to speak with his clients in Australia and Europe, and continue his client sessions whenever he travels no matter where he goes.


For more of what we discussed, watch our YouTube video of Dennis Kight’s visit to Virtuality Studios.

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