How VR Benefits the Dubai Real Estate Industry


The reason new technology becomes popular is because of how beneficial it is to industry processes in making them easier and also more affordable. Virtual reality technology brings with it many conveniences and these directly affect the Dubai real estate industry in the following three ways:

1. Comfort Zone
It is now possible to digitally capture a space in the form of an interactive, 3D virtual tour. These tours allow buyers to view the property without physically having to visit it. This gives buyers the ability to view many properties from the comfort of their current homes, or in the hospitality of the broker’s office.

2. Time Saver
One of the most obvious benefits, especially with the above in mind, is that VR tours can save both buyers, brokers, and sellers a lot of time. Instead of driving around to each listed property, they can all be viewed in one location. VR tours can also help buyers eliminate properties they would like to physically view by seeing them first in VR.

3. Online Marketing
VR tours are also a great way to market properties online. These tours can be embedded into websites and emails which makes for easy distribution. In addition to this, some VR tours even allow snapshots to be taken within the tour which provides photographic content for online marketing of the property.

There are many other benefits; such as not having to bring potential tenants to view a property while another tenant is living there, and VR can be partnered with AR and 3D technology to enhance the experience as a whole.

Have a look at an example of a VR tour of a listed property here.

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