HTC Vive’s first community event and new product launch



At the start of this weekend, Virtuality got the pleasure of attending the reveal of HTC Vive’s new device that will be launched in the Middle East over the next few weeks.

This device enables HTC virtual reality headsets to operate wirelessly. It is small and compact, and gets attached to the headset directly.

HTC’s focus when it comes to VR is the gaming industry, with Beat Saber as their most popular game.

Daniel Khayat, Head of Product and Viveport in the Middle Eastern and African region, presented HTC Vive’s very own app store; Viveport, through which this game and many others can be downloaded.

Not only have HTC Vive launched this new product, but they also released news of their official community of “Vivers.” Vivers using their headsets with subscriptions to Viveport will be invited to community meets, and can earn points that come with different benefits by meeting certain requirements and playing the “Game of The Month.”

The rest of the evening included good conversation and food; a great start to this new community, while we got to try out the wireless VR headsets. Beat Saber is a must-play!

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