Interesting Facts about Holograms, Holography, and Holographs


Here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about Holograms:

  • The concept of holograms was invented in 1947 by a Hungarian engineer and physicist, Dennis Gabor. He received the Nobel Prize in 1971 for this invention.
  • The word “hologram” comes from the combination of two Greek words. “Holo” which means whole, and “gamma” which means message. A hologram essential refers to the display of the full message.
  • In 2015, the first highly interactive hologram was invented in Japan. It can respond to human touch. These touchable holograms are called “Fairy Lights.”
  • Holograms were enabled through the development of the laser. It is the only light that reacts as necessary to host the 3D projection.
  • Holograms can be faked. The ghost figures of Tupac and Michael Jackson that you have probably seen appear on stages to surprise many audiences are not actual holograms, but projections are hidden screens.


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