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Abu Dhabi Ports took part in the UAE Innovation Week 2019, and wanted to showcase their impressive cruise passenger terminal. They wanted exhibition guests to be immersed in the terminal as well as to interact with it.

A 360 virtual tour of the port was developed which was viewed through VR headsets at the exhibition. This way visitors could experience it without having to be there.

We also created an Augmented Reality game which used image tracking and invited visitors to dock a ship at the Khalifa Port terminal.

The primary technologies used included Samsung Gear VR headsets, and an Augmented Reality game on an iPad Pro, with image tracking capabilities.

The challenge

A fun and interactive way to illustrate to a young audience the facilities and operations of Abu Dhabi Port during the Innovation Week.

What we did

Created an AR game where visitors pilot a ship around the Khalifa Port as well as a Virtual Tour allowing them to step inside the passenger terminal in 360°.

User experience

The user held the iPad over a map of Khalifa Port to trigger a game. The game allowed the user to dock a ship at the port by using touch-based controls.

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