UI/UX, Animation, Augmented Reality, Interactive Application

Fly Dubai wanted to showcase the different destinations that they fly to in an interactive way to inform visitors as well as encourage and inspire them for their next trip!

We created an Augmented Reality application that operated on an iPad. When held up to a particular city on a map, photographs and information about the city would be displayed on the screen.

Users could scroll through photographs, discover popular attractions, and see what kind of holiday they would have if they traveled to a certain destination.

The primary technologies and materials used included an Augmented Reality application on an iPad and a printout of a map for image tracking.

What the client wanted

An innovative, interactive, and informative way to showcase the different destinations that FlyDubai serves at the Arabian Travel Market 2019.

What we did

Created an Augmented Reality app that used a map as a trigger to provide visitors live information about the destinations.

User experience

The user held the iPad up to their chosen city on the map, triggering animated content providing in depth details on the destination, local weather, and relevant information for visitors to know.

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