Virtual Reality, 360 Photography, 3D scanning

Mazda / Galadari Motors

Mazda/Galadari Motors wanted to showcase their showroom and maintenance workshop to their online customers. The VR tour would be an interactive way to engage website visitors and give them information about Mazda cars and services.

Permanent Installation
Increase digital footfall and exposure
Virtual Reality, 360 Photography, 3D scanning
Turnaround time:
2 months

We created a 360 virtual tour of the Mazda showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. It allows people to virtually walk between cars and – with 360 photography – also have a look inside them.

The tour is embedded into their website for visitors to navigate through from anywhere in the world. It is highly interactive, and acts as an innovative platform on which to showcase Galadari Motor’s products and services.

The primary technologies used were 360 photography/videography scanning equipment and Virtual Reality Development.

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