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2D, 3D design and animation are the backbone to creative work.

2D and 3D Design enable brands to create anything out of nothing, turning ideas into visualizations which can be used in client presentations, building plans, product design, marketing activations and much more. Coupled with our animation capabilities, the creative possibilities are limitless.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

CGI is using 3D computer-generates graphics to build up or enhance scenes in images or video footage.

Where standard static images, or basic video footage is not enough to get a message across to an audience or a concept across to clients, CGI enhances the visual appearance and flow to be more interactive and informative.

Industrial Design

Product and Packaging Design

From brainstorming, to mock ups, to final product; this process requires creative and knowledgeable input to ensure the most innovative and impactful result. Do you have a concept that you would like to explore? Bring it in so that our experienced team can be of service!

With 3D renders or professional photographs, and creative copy; we can prepare a design that is ready for printing.

3D Animation & Rendering

This has helped bring life to the ideas birthed in different kinds of imaginations! Modeling, baking, and animating give tangibility to an idea whether it is a character with a story, or a concept that needs to be presented to investors.

Animation makes a design more interactive as the digital 3D world is not as limited as photographs and videos. 3D renders and animations can be used to put a concept together, or to pitch intangible ideas to investors.

3D Walk-Throughs

Similar to virtual tours, but this experience is purely 3D rendered. This allows you to create a virtual tour of a space that does not yet exist.

By using 3D digital molding and animation; a high quality video can be rendered as a virtual walk-through.

Exhibition Stand Design

The best way to keep your visitors engaged is through an interactive stand. Let us help you put together an experience that will keep your visitors talking about you long after the event is over.

We can incorporate VR technology – which increases engagement time by 52% and also encourages 81% more word-of-mouth.

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