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Augmented Reality, or AR, is when digital information is overlaid onto our physical environment using a mobile device with a screen and camera lens.

It is highly interactive, and makes different operations more entertaining and convenient. AR technology is used in Retail, for online shopping, as well as in the gaming industry. Exhibitions and event activations also make use of Augmented Reality for a more interactive way to display content.

Augmented Reality Portals

These are interactive walk-throughs of existing spaces to give viewers an accurate feel for the space without physically stepping inside.

This is useful for industries such as:

- Hospitality
- Real estate
- Beauty
- Retail
and many more.

Augmented Reality Apps

You have heard of Pokemon Go’s success using AR to entertain millions of users and generate billions of revenue; now see how it can be used to enhance your business’s engagement with customers and also internally with staff. AR leaves you in your own environment, and brings the digital world to life within it.

AR technology can be used similarly to holographic technology; it brings your brand’s digital world into the world of your audience and allows them to interact with it.

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