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We provide the latest futuristic technologies for events, exhibitions, marketing activations and much more.

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Combining our creativity with futuristic technology allows our clients to provide engaging experiences for their customers.




Green Screens

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Interactive Games


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Holograms used to be a concept that seemed far out of reach and only available in the sci-fi world, but now mobile phones are being released with holographic screens. A 3D projection of light that brings a screen to life, and instead of pulling you into the digital world, it brings the digital world out to you.

These kinds of experiences can be used at exhibitions to help visitors engage with a brand. The ability to bring your digital world into the actual world of your audience makes this a valuable marketing tool.

Projection Mapping

Imagine being able to turn any surface into a display! From a plain wall to a complex building facade, projection mapping technology transforms a surface into a digital display.

This technology is often used in exhibitions to inject vitality and interactivity into otherwise plain surfaces.

Interactive Applications

Gone are the days of plain old displayed content! In order to attract and retain visitors, brands need to interact with their audience.

From "Touch & Throw" to fun games, the world of Interactive Applications is limited only by your imagination. Customers get to have fun while brands can spend more time getting to know their target market. It's a perfect win-win!
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Additional Technologies


  • Interactive Apps
  • Touch and Throw Apps
  • Kinetic sensors
  • Motion Capture
  • Transparent screens
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