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Photography and Videography are creative ways to promote, document, and enhance brands. Photography and Videography entails services for events, activations, and social media content creation.

Photography and Videography services are offered for food, lifestyle, products, portraits, as well as corporate functions.

360 Photography / Videography

In a world where decisions depend largely on what the eyes can see, and where the quality of a brand is perceived in the first encounter of it online; well thought out, creative, and high quality images are a necessity in any business’s engagement with its audience.

We cater for events, product, architectural photography and more! This is also included in social media content creation.

Events Photography/Videography

Events, especially corporate and industry exhibitions, are considered successful when they have drawn a considerably large crowd to attend.

A stand at an exhibition is considered successful when it is able to interact with attendees and take hold of the opportunities to build relationships for post-event business.

Timelapse Photography/Videography

Brand and Promotions photography/videography

Videography Services

Online engagement is a third higher on video content, and originally produced content gives a brand authenticity and a reason for audiences to get involved in what a brand is doing.

Using the latest in video recording equipment, including 360 video, we cater for events as well as content creation.

Exhibitions Photography/Videography

Virtual Reality Videography

By incorporating 360 video and VR technology, you can create videos that let you relive special moments. Imagine watching your wedding day or a corporate function in detail, being able to look wherever you want to as a chance to see anything you missed.

We are able to provide immersive videography that entails the entirety of an event. Instead of just reliving a night in basic photographs or a basic point-of-view video, you can now interact with your event as if you were there all over again.

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