UAE Innovates and German Tourism using Virtual Reality



We started off UAE’s Innovation Month at Abu Dhabi Ports for their Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality event activations. We ended off the month at the UAE Innovates event in City Walk with German Tourism.

Virtuality teamed up with German Tourism to showcase their travel destinations in Virtual Reality. Guests were immersed in Germany while standing in Dubai.

Below is a video of our team interacting with the activation:


The use of Virtual Reality captured the essence of Dubai’s ability to innovate and bring new and immersive experiences to different industries.

How to book a Hotel Room this Christmas Season



It is that time of the year where many people go on holiday to celebrate Christmas with their families. If not for Christmas celebrations, it is the busiest time of the year at many tourist destinations because of year end breaks.

The global Hospitality Industry experiences its busiest season during this time. It is important to gain an edge over competitor hotel brands, especially online, as that is where most visitors will be searching for their place to stay over the holidays.

Hotels are making use of virtual tours of their rooms for customers to have a better look at where they will be staying. Special features can be tagged, with promotional videos and photographs embedded into the tour as well.

We created a VR tour for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. You can walk through their Signature Suite, have a look at the food and entertainment offers within the hotel, and make bookings. Two versions of the tour are available below.



Where will you be staying this festive season?

How to make UAE National Day memorable


Today is the United Arab Emirates’ 47th National Day!

This day marks the joining of Ras Al Khaimah as the seventh and final Emirate of the UAE, which took place on the 2nd of December, in 1972.

This National Day finds itself at the end of the Year of Zayed; the 100th year since the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is considered the Founding Father of the UAE.

Over the past nearly fifty years, the UAE has seen growth in all areas, especially in the integration of new technology. It is our pleasure being a part of the growth of virtual and augmented reality implementation in the region.

To celebrate this year’s National Day, in the Year of Zayed, we have created a Snapchat filter for you! Take your next selfie with our UAE National Day filter and send it through to us to be featured on our social media.


UAE National Day Snapchat Filter

Alternatively, you can directly access the filter on your phone by clicking here.


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