The Benefits of playing Video Games in VR



Digital games go as far back as the 1950’s where games were being developed for research purposes. The 1970’s saw the production of home consoles where games were developed for entertainment. Video games are now a prevalent part of our global culture.

Video games come with a multitude of benefits for the user:

Monkey see, monkey do

While some games require an entire body level of interaction, even games that require only simple handheld controllers can motivate the players to go out and take part in the real-life counter parts. Good examples of this are basketball, skating, and football.

Play away the pain

It is a common technique for a person to distract themselves from physical pain by focusing on something else. Many people turn to gaming as their distraction. Playing video games produces an analgesic (pain-killing) response in the higher cortical systems, so not only do they serve as a distraction, but they can actually help your body relieve itself of pain.

Talking to strangers?

There has been a rise in multiplayer games that require you to form a bond with your team mates in a matter of seconds. You are playing with people from all over the world and need to coordinate strategies in game. This calls for you to communicate and so aids in the development of social and communication skills, and relationship building.


New information is constantly displayed amidst a game. Being able to react and create a plan in an instant to accommodate the new information provided to you can be an indispensable tool both in high level gaming and in a business environment. Quick and efficient decision making is often the mark of a good leader.

Video games help develop skills that are needed in business and everyday life. Playing games in VR makes the simulation more realistic, and so enhances the experience of the above-mentioned benefits of gaming.

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