Virtual Reality for Children



With National Children’s Day coming up on the 20th of November, we thought it would be appropriate to share some information regarding children and how they relate to Virtual Reality.

Children learn and grow by interacting with their environment in which they are fully immersed. This automatically makes VR a great tool with both educational and entertainment value for children. Here are a few facts based on a study hosted by DigiLitEY, available at the end of this post.


1. Children trying VR for the first time find it “strange” and require something that keeps their virtual experience linked to the physical world, making VR hardware with hand controls perfect. A child being seated also helps them enjoy the experience without worrying about their physical environment.

2. The top three interests children have in VR are (1) being able to visit fantasy worlds, (2) going on an adventure, and (3) being able to fly like a bird. Children enjoy the simulations that allow them to experience the worlds they create in their own imaginations.

3. Children who do not have access to VR hardware have expressed an interest in the medium by exploring 360 videos and VR content on YouTube.

4. While a child is immersed in a VR game or simulation, they still speak to their peers around them. This indicates that children enjoy sharing their experiences and that VR becomes another social tool for them.

5. The suggested time limit for a VR session with a child is twenty minutes.


To read the study more in depth, you can download the PDF here.

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