Visit your School or University through Virtual Reality


The new school year has just begun all over the UAE, with new students from many parts of the world joining different primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

Most of these new students have moved with their parents from their home countries, while some students have moved without their parents and are staying in school accommodation.

Searching for a school while still living in a different country has its challenges in that one cannot visit the school and interact with the facilities before making a decision. This is why schools, like the American School of Dubai (ASD), have started incorporating virtual reality solutions in their marketing strategies.

Through a virtual tour – in the comfort of your own home, no matter where it is in the world – you can walk around your university or school and explore what it has to offer.

ASD has impressive facilities for the extra-curricular activities held on campus, such as a 640 seat theatre with a removable orchestra pit cover and professional acoustic panels, and a gymnasium that includes two full sized basketball courts, dance studios, a climbing wall, a weight room, an indoor running track, and a swimming pool!

It sounds pretty impressive when you read it, so can you imagine what your reaction will be if you could see it instead?

Virtuality and ASD invite you to explore the virtual tours they use to showcase their facilities to their international parents and students:

ASD Theatre

ASD Track House

ASD Community Cafe



Benefits of VR tours for parents/students:
Having access to virtual tours allows students to learn their way around the campus before arriving to their first day of school, and allows parents the opportunity to interact with where they are sending their child. VR tours of boarding houses act as a platform for international students to view and get to know the living spaces before they have even arrived in the country.

Benefits of VR tours for institutions:
Education institutions that go to GETEX, and other exhibitions, can use virtual tours like the ones above to showcase their facilities to the exhibition guests. Including a VR element at a stand ensures longer engagement with people, and adds value to their experience at the stand. VR tours are great means to advertise online; photographs can be extracted for social media use, and features can be tagged with the ability to embed images, videos, PDF documents, and web links into the tour.

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