VR for the Events Industry – Relive a Moment



Companies invest significant amounts of resources in promotional events and yearly exhibitions, such as Gitex, to showcase their work to their various stakeholders.

These events present great opportunities for brands, but also have their limits. There are only so many people that have access to the stand at the location, within that time frame. This is where VR becomes a perfect solution for events.

Virtual tours of exhibition stands can be created with photographs, videos, and PDF documents embedded into them enabling a company’s audience to visit long after the event has ended. The virtual tour allows guests to walk around the stand and interact with it online, as if they were present at the event. The embedded material serves as extra information allowing guests to know exactly what the stand is all about.

We worked on a project like this for Paris Tokyo Live, an event company in Dubai, to showcase their client’s unique stand at Gitex. Gitex is one of the largest technology events in the world. This year was its 38th edition and stands were impressive; showcasing new technology in the worlds of AR, VR, and AI.

The VR tour we created has perpetuated the stand that is no longer available for viewing at Dubai’s World Trade Centre. The physical stand saw more than 15 000 visitors, and with the investment that went into the event captured in a single VR tour, countless more people can be a part of it – from anywhere in the world.

To interact with this tour and discover the benefits of VR in the events industry for yourself, click here.

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