What Virtual Reality Games to play this Christmas



It’s Christmas time! Here are a few festive VR experiences for you to enjoy this season.

  1. Santa’s Christmas Chimney, Samsung Gear

Santa's Christmas Chimney - Oculus VR game

While falling down a chimney as Santa, the objective is to fall for as long as possible while collecting Christmas presents and dodging obstacles. The concept can be compared to Subway Surfer. It has the finishing touches of a Christmas themed game; Santa’s jolly voice and festive music!

Developer: Field of Vision

Platform: Oculus Store/Samsung Gear


  1. Merry Snowballs, HTC Vive

Merry Snowballs - HTC Vive VR game

In the mood for a snowball fight? The fact that we are in the UAE does not stop us! In this VR game you can throw and dodge snowballs with neighbours. Shielded by only a fence and snowman, you can also catch the snowballs and use a snow gun! Each level adds another challenge as well as different perks. Experience the activities of a “White Christmas” from here in the desert.

Developer: Hatrabbit Entertainment

Platform: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift


  1. Quizality, HTC Vive

Quizality - HTC Vive VR game

This game is for those who love trivia! While sitting in Santa’s sleigh, you get to travel through a festive world with different multiple-choice questions. They get more difficult as you get further down the track. This game is not only for the Christmas season as there are many themes for different times of the year, with the different topics and questions. This December, see how well you know your Christmas movies and music!

Developer: UV Games Ltd

Platform: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift


  1. Christmas Massacre, HTC Vive

Christmas Massacre - HTC Vive VR game

This game is for those of you who prefer scary zombies to friendly elves. Immersed in a snow-covered forest, fight off waves of zombie snowmen. For every snowman you shoot, you earn money which you can use to buy upgraded guns. With each wave comes more snowmen from every direction; how many levels do you think you can survive?

Developer: AndAll Interactive

Platform: HTC Vive


  1. Santa’s Sleigh Ride VR, Oculus Rift

Santa's Sleigh Ride - Oculus Rift VR game

For those of you who enjoy roller coaster simulations, this is the perfect game for you! Sit in Santa’s sleigh and be taken by his reindeers on a ride through various parts of a town and the surrounding snow-covered plains. See what it feels like to be Santa on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents all over the world!

Developer: Lemon&Orange, Coca Cola

Platform: Oculus Rift


Let us know which VR experiences you try out this Christmas season!


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