Why we need to introduce AR and VR to University Students



Last month we had the pleasure of visiting Murdoch University Dubai. We spoke to their Public Relations students about different AR and VR business solutions, and how they can be implemented in the world of digital marketing.

Below is a summary of what we got to share with them:

  1. What is AR and VR? – We explained the difference between these two types of Extended Reality technologies.

Simply put, Augmented Reality is the construction of virtual objects which are then displayed as part of a real environment. A mobile device with a lens and a screen is required to make use of AR applications.

Virtual Reality is the immersion of a person’s physical senses into a digitally simulated world. Apart from movement and orientation, it takes none of the physical reality into account. There is a range of hardware needed for different types of VR experiences depending on the level of immersion.

  1. PerPETuate – We have had some intriguing requests, with this being one of our favourites. To some people pets are considered family members and the loss is felt the same.

 PerPETuate is our AR application that allows you to interact with a 3D simulation of your pet. The cat or dog can respond to physical touch, chasing a laser, or playing ball.

This concept is useful to businesses who can use the same technology for advertising products; allowing customers to interact with items before making a purchase.

  1. VR Anatomy Tour – We are currently working on content for an application that will allow students to explore the inside of the human body. This will help them obtain a greater understanding for the different body systems and how they work in relation to each other.

The application is styled to appeal to Year 4 and Year 5 school students. It is educational with a fun and interactive quality that only VR technology can bring. This is one way VR is useful in the education industry.

One of the reasons we find university discussions like this so important is that these students are future business leaders and innovators. With the rise in use of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in different business operations, it is important to know what they are and how they can be used.

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